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Happy Friday Friends! Today we could not be more excited to introduce our partner (and let’s face it: major mom crush!), Dr. Brittaney Cook, of Athletic Outcomes! Brittaney has spent her career educating and training athletes on how to gain the best performance results by the way they use and move their bodies. And the best part? She does not simply talk the talk, as a new mom, business owner and athlete herself, she walks the walk by incorporating active movements into her lifestyle everyday. Read on to learn more about Brittaney’s approach and how you can be amp up your workouts with the help of Athletic Outcomes classes and philosophy!


What inspired you to pursue a career in the fitness industry?


I was a big time nerd in grad school and loved learning about the physiology and the biomechanics of the body. After I graduated, I took an internship working with professional athletes during their off season to keep them trained and healthy. I was amazed that they actually listened to what I suggested. I quickly realized how much I loved being in an environment where I could analyze how someone moved, educate them, and enable them to move much more efficiently. So, it was then that I decided I wanted spend my career focusing on teaching athletes how to move 🙂


What is your favorite way to stay active?


I have two favorites, even though you only asked for one :):) The first: grabbing baby June, grabbing the stroller, and heading out for a run around our neighborhood. The second: an agility themed AO Fit class at Athletic Outcomes. Both activities help me feel fast, strong, and energized for the day.  


What is the best piece of advice you have for people (ahem, parents!) that are busy to keep up a healthy, active lifestyle?

Remember that there are SO MANY ways to be active WITH your kiddos. When they nap, do a bodyweight workout at home. When they’re ready for a change of scenery, take advantage of a stroller, the outdoors, and some hills. When they want to play, play with them. Keep in mind that you don’t need to head to the gym for an hour to get in “exercise”. Redefine your definition of exercise and you’ll be surprised by how much movement you’ll get in with just being around your family. In addition, try to make exercise a family event. My husband, baby, and I head out for family walks or runs as much as possible. When you can hold each other accountable, you’ll accomplish so much more.


What has been the most surprising part about becoming a mom?


So many things have surprised me about becoming a mom! 🙂  I’ve learned to let go of expectations and details that used to be so important to me once before. I’ve also been surprised by my ability to maintain being a business owner AND become a pretty rad mom at the same time… I honestly didn’t think that was possible.


What has been the best part of motherhood so far?


The moments when June looks at me and smiles… As if she knows I’m her mom and she’s genuinely excited to just hang out with me 🙂


Tell us about what makes Athletic Outcomes a unique and effective gym for it’s members?


AO is a unique and effective gym because it is an all-inclusive health and fitness facility. Our coaches educate and motivate, our therapists are highly skilled professionals, our trainers are niche and experienced, and we program all of our classes for functionality. We believe in recovery just as much as training and recognize that when given a healthy and effective platform to train on, everyone’s an athlete.


What is your favorite class taught at Athletic Outcomes?


AO Fit. It’s our staple. It changes everyday and every week to keep our members excited, challenge, and unable to adapt.


Thank you so much for the insights, Brittaney; we’re excited to see you in January!


Susan Glass

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