I’m a Working Mom

It’s 5am.

The coffee is brewing, the baby is sleeping, again. Finally. The sky is is still shrouded in darkness, and my day is starting.

My inbox is full, beckoning me, and my task list is pulling on my OCD nature. Got to check off those to-do’s!

I’m a working mom.

My days fall in to carefully crafted buckets of time. I hurriedly respond to urgent messages and tasks prior to my two littles waking. The minute I wake up it’s go time. And I am not going to lie, being a morning person certainly works in my favor.

Then, before I know it, my toddler wakes and the first shift of the day happens. Mom mode! The next two(ish) hours before our nanny arrives are filled with sleepy snuggles, trails of Cheerios, and the make believe game of the moment: her kitchenette. Sigh, my heart is full. But so is my head; full of the day’s to-do’s looming ahead of me.

Our nanny arrives, and I shift into business mode. On days where I am not working in our mobile playroom watching the sweet littles in our care, I am focused on marketing, public relations and the ad hoc administrative duties of business ownership. More days than not, I find myself researching the best strategy and execution for one of the many new-to-me responsibilities – everything from keeping current in the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing to effectively managing a team so they are best able to execute their responsibilities.

I love it! It is challenging, exciting, and rewarding. I often pinch myself when I drive up to our trailer – it feels larger than life to me. A once-dream that I can now touch, feel and experience in real life.

Before I know it, the hours have flown by, and it is time to relieve our nanny and jump into the afternoon’s activities with my babies. Walks on the trail, lingering at the library and playdates at the park are most often on the agenda, and my constant goal is to stay present, leaving the work and to-do’s at home to be picked up after bedtime, or the next morning.

I am grateful to be able to split my time in a way that allows me to focus fully on each of my roles, and though striking the perfect balance is an elusive (seemingly impossible) task, each day I try anew to accomplish it.

I’m a working mom.

And while I have a whole lot of learning to do – on the Studio Sitter and the home front – my daily goal is progress, not perfection.

It’s 7pm.

Time for a glass of wine.



Susan Glass

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