How We Work

Studio Sitter is the solution for child care at your favorite fitness studio or gym. But after learning about our start, you may be wondering where Studio Sitter is going to be, and how are we bringing our mobile child care to you.

We are bringing you this service in three simple steps.

1. Book Online: View our calendar online – by time and location, select the best option and book your child’s reservation, just as you do your spot in a workout class or hair appointment. The first time you book a session, you will complete a profile for yourself and your child, including pertinent contact and health information. Subsequent reservations can be made with a simple log in after you create your account for a quick, seamless booking experience.

2. Check in your Child: Upon arriving for your class or appointment, you will check your child in at our fully equipped trailer – our mobile playroom – parked outside of the business. Our playroom will have two Sitters, activities, games and toys geared towards children aging 3 months to 9 years of age; unique verification codes given to each child and parent at check in, as well as video surveillance, to ensure the security and safety of your children.

3. Enjoy your Favorite Workout Class or Appointment: Once your child is checked in, you can go sweat it out or get that blowout, knowing your little one is being cared for right on site. We are also excited to promote the healthy, active lifestyle you are modeling for your child by introducing them to activities and games that are safe, fun, educational and health-focused.

We are so excited to finally be bringing this solution to all of you Austin mamas with the hope that you can take back some of that much needed (and deserved!) “me time”! Buy your package today and help us at Studio Sitter make our vision a reality: Child Care for Everywhere!

Age Range

3 months – 9 years old


Educational, Health Oriented, and Artistic