“I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from a trailer turned playroom but I am totally blown away. The first thing I noticed was how clean it is inside. Everyone takes their shoes off upon entering so the floors, which are mostly padded with fun colorful foam tiles stay very clean. This is really important to me because in the past I’ve used day care drop offs at gyms and my little one has gotten sick from either too many kids being there or too many toys laying about making it difficult for the caretakers to keep up with sanitizing toys that go into mouths. The Studio sitter is very tidy and I can tell that they value keeping germs at bay. It is also surprisingly cool because they keep it air conditioned. They even have a little bathroom inside for the older kids who are potty trained. Each time I pick up my son they show me art he’s made from pipe cleaners or even finger paintings which they do in zip lock backs to prevent messes. They also have blocks, puzzles and many books and toys to keep your little ones busy while you get your sweat on. I noticed they are very equipped for babies too. Susan and Mallory are always so sweet and cheerful making easy for my son to settle in and he never wants to leave when it’s time to go. All week long he asks when he gets to go back to pilates with mom. Thank you GreenBird for adding this awesome service for those of us with little ones. It’s reassuring to know I can get a great workout in while my little guy is safe and cared for just a few steps away.”

“Before Maeve came along I had a pretty solid yoga practice. I went 3-4 days a week. I still feel like I have a strong yoga practice, it just isn’t as frequent as it was before. But….now that I know about Studio Sitter! I feel like my world has opened up in some ways! Knowing that there is a safe space with friendly, competent hands to hand my baby to while I go practice yoga is a real game changer for me. Becca and Mallory were incredibly loving and genuinely excited to spend time with Maeve! Maeve had such a great time, she opted to not take her morning nap (no surprise there!). Thanks Studio Sitter! Can’t wait to see you ladies again!”


“Self care undoubtedly makes me a better mom. Being able to bring my son along with me to workout and having him only steps away makes it so easy at Studio Sitter. Green Bird, thank you for your continued efforts to support mamas!”

“Miss Amariah could not stop talking about how sweet the two of you were! Thank you again and again for the service that you provide!”

-Jm Riojas