The Story of Studio Sitter

Hey Y’all! My name is Becca and I am so excited you have ventured here to find out more about Studio Sitter; a mobile child care solution my good friend and business partner, Susan, and I have been working on for many months.

In the coming weeks I encourage you to check back often to find out more about who we are, what we’re doing, and how we are doing it. But first, I thought I’d share the inspiration behind this adventure we’ve embarked on. The concept for Studio Sitter was born out of the dilemma I began recognizing last year after becoming a mom. As someone who loves to live an active lifestyle; I routinely compete in triathlons (with my husband and our adorable cheerleader, as pictured above) and running races, while spending weekends hiking, biking, swimming, and rock climbing, I was determined to keep up the pace after having my daughter. However, I soon recognized how difficult it was to take care of her full time, while still attempting to meet my own needs. Even having an uninterrupted shower in those early days is a feat – am I right, Mamas?!

I wanted to keep up my workout routine – favorites being spin classes and interval training- but found it difficult to do when I was constantly needing to schedule around my husband’s demanding work hours or arranging for a sitter to come to the house. I consistently found myself wishing I could just bring her along with me – all I needed was an hour to get my sweat on and I’d be all set, right? But most service-based gyms do not offer child care, and thusly I was left in a lurch.

In venting my frustrations to my very entrepreneurial husband one morning, I finally said aloud what I really needed: a child care solution at the businesses I frequented. Places I needed an extra hand to help with my daughter, just for a little bit. He immediately challenged me to bring this solution to fruition, and I have been working on developing this concept in to a business ever since.

So, thank you for your support! I could not be more excited to be launching Studio Sitter with Susan this January, and sharing sneak peaks in the meantime including our child care space and who we’ll be partnering with, among other fun facts and useful information for you. Stay tuned!


Susan Glass

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